Happy Near Year

So, the new years begun, let’s hope it has more love, joy, health, and caring than 2013. 

I ended 2013 with a 3 day old migraine, and evidently I’m beginning 2014 with a continuation of that migraine.  5 Days now!  Not a record for me, but close.  At least it’s not one where light triggers pain, those are really hard to handle.

I got another 1500 words done on my WIP last night.  Not sure how good it is because of the migraine, I plan to reread it sometime this weekend to see if i need to rip it out or build from it.  Either way I’ve got some work cut out for me and of course I’m hoping to add to my WIP at least once over the next 3 days.  I may take off for my birthday on Friday, but then again that may be just the day I need to work on it.  We’ll have to see.

LOL…I just realized I’m still listening to Christmas music.  I usually keep the music low, so there is just some background noise and don’t really pay any attention to what is playing.  I just now went to adjust the volume and was hit with ” Feliz Navidad “.  Think I need to look through my CD’s and pick something a little less holiday themed.  I admit it, I’m tried of Christmas stuff. 

We got a few inches of snow last night, the streets seem clean but the radio said to watch for black ice.  Now, I don’t want to go out, but I REALLY need some creamer for the coffee I’m thinking of fixing in a bit.  I don’t use that plain stuff, no I am addicted to the flavors that are out.  Just discovered the “Girl Scout Thin Mint” flavor.  YUMMM!   Then of course there is the “Creme Brule” (how ever you spell it) and “Peppermint Mocha”.  If it has chocolate or mint in it I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. (smiley face)  I wonder how much talking I’ll have to do to get the S.O. to ride with me to the store.  Probably won’t do it…since he is almost 80% blind he balks at going out in any kind of bad weather.  Well, I guess I’ll just have to grab the keys, close my ears to his dire forecasts of stupid drivers aiming at our truck and take off.  Have a great evening  and an especially exciting, loving and all round wonderful 2014.


Worst Christmas Presents ever!

I’ve actually had what I consider two lousy presents.  One year my (then) husband got me 4 new tires for his car!  The other bad one was the year he got me a new walk behind lawn mower for our 5 acre yard.  Yep, those were the worst!  There were quite a few close seconds as well. lol

Best Christmas/Yule present EVER!

Eric Arvin made it out of surgery and according to his doctor he is doing well.  The doctor thinks he got all of the tumor and we were told it would be several days before Eric was awake long enough to know what was happening.  Well, just hours after surgery he looks up at TJ and said “Hi!”  Cheers were heard around the world!  literally!

Today we find that Eric is wanting cookies and trying to get TJ to give him some even though it’s a big no-no evidently, according to the nurse.  His friends and fans have been sending him digital cookies all day with the promise of real ones once he is home and on the mend.  Tonight TJ is sleeping in his own bed so he can be rested for tomorrow.  Eric is having a MRI to confirm the tumor is gone. 

There were so many prayers being said for this man and his fiance.  The out pouring of love, care and desire to help has really been amazing.   I only know these men through their books.  I think I’ve read everything they have written and probably own most of them.    There is still a long way to go before Eric is well, but I know that the friends and fans and of course their families will be there along the way.  We’ve become a family of sorts through this.  We all set aside time during the busy Holiday schedules to pray, worry, cry , help and send love to Eric and TJ.  We’ve more or less adopted them and they in turn seem to have accepted us. 

Yep, this was the best Christmas/Yule present ever!

What ‘Friends’ are for!

Well, I finally have electricity upstairs!  Of course, knowing we are going to have to put out $$$ for that then the truck goes belly up!  So, after putting out over $700 a few days before Yule if I’ve missed getting you a present, tough!  I’m out of money! lol

On to more important stuff!  I have found that the ‘friends’ I’ve made on Face Book are, more often than not, people who pray for you, laugh and cry with/for you.  They rally round you if you are down, ill or just having a bad day.  I never thought something like that could or would ever happen.  I’ve had private IM’s of condolences when I’ve lost friends this year, congratulations regarding my grandchildren and encouragement from ‘friends’ I’ve never seen and who have a picture of a cute puppy as their avatar.  They have shown more caring than my neighbors, friends here in town with me and family. 

Over the past week or so I’ve seen such an out pouring of love and care for a couple who desperately need it and I’m very proud of those ‘friends’ who have stepped up.  All of this is for TJ Klune and Eric Arvin. I’ve never met either man, but I’ve read their books, laughed at their antics and humor and cheered when they became engaged. They have shared their love and humor with everyone who would listen.  It’s said that Karma will find you and I believe I’m seeing it in action this week.  Eric is having surgery this coming Monday or Tuesday for a growth on his brain stem. It’s a dangerous procedure, one that is scary to just think about much less seeing someone you love go through it.  TJ is being strong and upbeat, he is keeping everyone up to date on what’s happening, something we all appreciate.  What did I mean about Karma…well their Face Book friends, blog friends, fellow authors and many others started a fund to help defray the cost of the family needing lodging, food, gas etc as they rally around TJ and Eric at the hospital.  They were expecting / hoping to get, $10,000.  At last look, $33,000 has been collected and it is still coming in.  There are the one time donations from ‘friends’ and there are those ‘friends’ promising to give weekly or monthly until Eric is home and healed. It doesn’t matter if you can only give once or if you can manage more, everyone who has given has shown their love and care, returning ten fold the joy, care and love that TJ and Eric have given us.  I don’t know what kind of medical insurance Eric has, but even with good insurance there is always the co-pays and percentages you have to pay for procedures so any money collected will be needed.  I’ve been blown away by the out pouring of love for these two.  So, as you go about your life the next few days, weeks and months, please say a prayer for Eric’s healing, I know I will have both TJ and Eric in my thoughts daily and I plan to spend time praying for both of them.  I’m also going to be sending Healing Energy their way….it couldn’t hurt!

Yep….them’s the breaks!

Last week we had the chimney taken down, the hole patched and a new roof put on the house.  Looks great!   Now for the not so good part.  Our house is old, circa 1940’s and due to the banging and pounding from the new roof I have only one room up stairs with electricity and only half of that room at that!  We are told this isn’t uncommon with an old house. 

When we bought the house I had the ceiling light in the bedroom removed because it flickered when you walked across the room, shut a door hard…well you get the idea.  The entrance to the attic is so small only a child could get through so we had the thing taken out and just lived with the lights we plugged in from the wall sockets.  Well, now the only socket that is working is the one on the west side of the upstairs bedroom (one we had added when we moved in).  lol    I have extension cords running up the stairs from the kitchen so I can have fans running at night to stir the air and block out noise from outside and of course to have my radio on all night.  Twice the electrician was supposed to come, the first time my SO didn’t realize he was going to try and stop by that day and we were gone, the second time the electrician laughed and said he just forgot he was supposed to come by. Our electrician is a friend of the S.O.’s and we aren’t really hurting, but this going up the dark staircase to a dark room is the pits.  I do leave the light on that’s plugged in to the West side plug, but it’s not very bright.  Well anyway, this is my rant for the evening.  Going to sit myself down and read for awhile, I deserve it!

To Gift or Not to Gift!

I have managed to get most of my Yule shopping done…all except for my son.  What do you get someone who has decided to sell everything, buy a sail boat and live in the Caribbean on said boat?  Now this is a year or two away yet, but still, anything he gets will someday be sold, given away or discarded someway because let’s face it, there is little room on a boat. 

It will be only Him and his, as of next month. 3 year old son.  Do I have worries, OH YES!  But I have to realize that my son is grown and must make his own decisions about things.  Would I do what he’s doing with a young child,  NO!  But, since he is I will support his decision.  I have no worries about schooling, my son will be fantastic with that!  My worry is what if something happens to him while out sailing from island to island.  He isn’t in the best of health, on disability due to a sever back injury and I think he is over estimating his abilities at this point.  He needs to realize he is getting older and as all of us who are older have found, each year we can manage a little less, especially if we are handicapped in some way.   I know he is planning on fixing the boat to meet his needs as far as his disability is concerned, but there is so much that can go wrong.  As a mother I worry…now I realize what my parents went through as I grew up!  He is in his late 30’s, he keeps as fit as possible yet there is so much that could go wrong.  I realize that worrying about it isn’t going to solve anything so I do try to let it go, but the mom and grandma in me still wants to hang on to it.

For my grandson I bought a blanket for him to snuggle on the couch with.  One big enough that if he wants can go on the boat with him.  Something to remember Grandma by.  Nights on the water can be chilly, or so I’m told.  I can almost see him sitting at the helm, wrapped in his blanket staring at the stars. 

I guess for my son I will get an Amazon Gift Card, he loves his books which is why he has a reader.  That way he can take so many with him, many more than if he only had paperbacks or hard covers.  Reading was always my ‘escape’ and I taught him how wonderful reading could be.  Reading can do many things, take away the loneliness, if only for a little while, make you laugh, cry or just think hard about a problem.  Reading can open up your vision of the world.  So I guess his desire to sail the ocean blue could be laid at my feet after all.  What ever he decides, I will be there for him, stand for him, love him!  He is my son!



Yea! It’s over!!!

Today was the first day I’ve gone without my mask. Still have the cough and probably will, according to the doctor’s office, for another six to eight weeks.  Otherwise I think I’m over the flu.  Today was the first day I didn’t wear my mask, my energy is better but by no means what it was before all this.   …Finally ! ! ! !

I’m sitting here spooning my strawberry shake (cause I had it in the freezer for two hours) and deciding what books I’m going to buy.  Some new books are out in the various different series I read, found some others that sounded good and would like to try them, plus I still have the others in my ‘To Buy’ list I need to check out.  All told I think I’ve got about $2500 worth of books I want.  It will take me for ever to get them all and by the time I do get them I’m sure there will be many more added to the list. lol

Every month I buy about $70 worth of books and by the end of the month I’ve add more than that to my ‘To Buy’ list.  It’s an ever growing thing. 🙂   But think of the reading I’ll be doing!  Woot!

Right now I’m having problems side loading books to my kindle.  I’ve recently purchased two books, not from Amazon, and I can’t figure out how to transfer them to my kindle.  They are on the kindle app on my PC, so I can read them, but I would like to have them on my hand held.  I’ve tried everything I could find on the subject, but nothing has worked so far.  I’m at a stand still.  I hate the thought that I can only by from Amazon since I know others have managed to side load from other sources.  tis’ a puzzlement!



Small light at the end of the tunnel!

Day 17 of the creeping crud…aka the flu!

I am feeling a bit better, still coughing, but the heavy duty cough syrup is helping, on my second round of it though and at $65 a bottle I’ll be thinking long and hard about a 3rd bottle.  Seems the insurance doesn’t cover cough medicines, even when it’s proven that the over the counter stuff isn’t working.  Oh well, at least I’m not coughing so hard that my ribs and abdomen hurt.  That was the pits, believe me!

My appetite has returned which is nice except I still don’t feel good enough to get up and cook…good thing there is delivery!  I am going to try and fix something decent for Thanksgiving though.  I figure if I start tomorrow, do a little, sit for awhile, then do a little more I might be able to put something good together…only time will tell.

I’m planning on baked turkey breast, stuff it up an oven and let it cook, easy…baked sweet potatoes, not candied or anything, just baked.  Canned cranberry sauce, not up to making it from scratch this year and if I have any more energy I plan on fixing my mothers wonderful stuffing with sausage and sour cream.  Oh, and lets not forget the green bean casserole, six cans of french green beans, two cans of golden mushroom soup and sprinkle the top with Frenches fried onions.  Yum!  All easy, just time and energy consuming when done at the same time, which is why I plan to start a day early!

Wonder how much of that I will get done. lol   There is always sliced ham from the fridge if necessary.

I did start writing again, still having trouble coming up with a word now and then.  It’s like part of my brain took a vacation.  I have managed 2500 words in the last 3 days, that’s not much, but it’s better than I’ve been able to do for the past 2 weeks so I can’t complain.  Now, if it all makes sense when I read it back I will know to continue, if not, I’ll back track and start again.  It sounded good as I typed it out but you never know!

I recently read “Capitol Games” by G.A. Hauser and thought it very well done, so when I saw that it had been made into a movie I bought it.  The movie starts slow, but picks up and turns into a well conceived endeavor.  Yes it is a male on male movie, but there is no heaving, yelling gratuitous sex shown on screen, it was very tastefully done, though I wouldn’t have minded a little grunting here and there <grins>   The two quick shots of genitalia wasn’t enough to hardly mention.  There was definitely more in the book that there wasn’t time for in the movie, but all in all they did a good job with it.  Congrats to Ms. Hauser for a job well done!

Well, it’s past midnight and I guess I should head up to bed, I’m now reading “A Proper Companion” by Candice Horn.  Straight old fashioned Elizabethan romance…nice and easy to read, great for bed time.  I am about half way through and have found it to be a gentle read, just right for when you are feeling blah!

My battle with Big Bird

Well, it’s day 12 of the creeping crud only now I have a name to put with it…influenza A…commonly (from what I’ve heard) known as Bird Flu.

Went to the Doctor yesterday, had the tests and was sent home with heavy duty cough syrup prescription, admonitions to stay away from people and a side note that I needed to wear a mask if I did have to go out.  I should stay in at least another week and a “Why the hell didn’t you come in sooner?” conversation.

Question 1…if I have to stay away from people how am I supposed to get masks and a prescription filled without being around people?

Question 2…Why didn’t your office tell me to come in when I called last week instead of telling me to get rest and drink a lot of fluids before hanging up mid question from me?

Question 3…Why when my S.O. called Tuesday and told them we were both very sick did they send him a prescription and not me?

Answers to my questions:

Question 1…after you pick up your prescription and masks stay away from people.   Yeah, I kinda figured that one out!

Question 2…I didn’t know you called, did you leave a message?  Obviously it doesn’t do any good to leave messages cause they never get answered except by office personnel who don’t know what they are doing.

Question 3…You should have called yourself…we didn’t understand what he meant…next time have him tell us you both want something sent to the pharmacy.

Now, my Doctor is very good, but his support staff aren’t!  There are a few in his offices that are great, but I can think of at least two who should go back to school!  He is only in St. Charles on Wednesdays and lets face it I was in no shape to drive to his other office in Florissant.  Hell, I barely made it to his office yesterday and it’s less than a mile from the house.  I did try to call first but all I could get from the phone company was that ‘the circuits are busy, please try again later’…that went on from 10:30 until I finally drove up there at 1.  At least walking in unannounced, coughing and hacking, sounding like the weakling I was probably got me in faster than if I had called first.  I was in and out of there within 30 minutes and that includes the time we had to wait for an answer to my flu test.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of meds for this flu…if caught within the first 48 hours there is something they can give you, but since I was on day 11…not so much.

So, my words of wisdom for the day are…if you start to feel bad GO immediately to the Doctor and have your self tested.  Don’t wait like I did.  It isn’t worth it!

Is it next week yet?

Day 7 of the creeping crud!

At least I’m a bit better, can’t say the same for my S.O.  He is about where I was on Wednesday.  Poor guy.

Well, on to better things!  I think…I may be able to return to my writing tomorrow.  The old brain is starting to work on the storyline even when I’m not planning on it.  That’s a good sign I think.  While I was down I decided to write how I felt, just in case I ever wrote in a character who had a bad cold or flu.  I analyzed how I felt, wrote it down, checked it twice then closed the file cause reading it back made me start to feel bad all over again.  So in that regard I guess I did good!  (large smile)

I just finished the first two of Toni Griffin’s revised Holland Brother books.  I must say I really enjoyed them.  I’ve had the original series for awhile now and I guess I’ve re-read them at least 5 or 6 times.  I almost didn’t get the new versions cause money is tight, but after reading comments from readers about how good they were I just had to go ahead and bite the bullet and order them.  So glad I did!  I read a short story Toni wrote on Alex and Jason about Alex’s birthday present.  I would love to see her work that into a book someway.  I loved it!

Well, I need to do a few things before ‘Murder in Paradise’ comes on.  I have to say that is the one program I try not to miss. It’s fun to watch the interaction between the characters and the way the murders are figured out makes for a good show.  I rarely watch TV anymore, the quick panning back and forth of the camera (which seems to be a big thing now) makes me sick and too often I wind up with a headache if not a migraine.